Who Are You?

Feeder Matrix
The question lingers in your head; who am I, and why am I here? This is quite normal to feel and think these thoughts, yet there must be a time when we must seek to try and figure this question out for ourselves and that question… has pondered the masses since the beginning of time.
You are who-ever you think you are, and the reality is  inescapable and very concrete. Your definition of who you  are, cannot be disguised  by the way you dress, speak, how much money you have or don’t have. The truth of who you really are is enveloped in what you value day in and day out. I for instance, am an African American Female (truth) I am a mother of two adult children and 4 grand-children (true).
I put my spiritual being above all else, I am a non-conformist (Spiritualist), who knows there is life and power in the Sun’s Energy and it’s Universal Creator … that without the Sun there is no life. I respect the Earth and give back to my fellow beings whenever I can. I respect everyone’s belief system; for it is their Faith that helps get them through each day, hopefully to be a better person for themselves, as well as a positive influence and helper to all that exist; for we are all a reflection of each other.
Universal Energy
I am an internet-marketer and social media coach, working toward getting certified… why? Because the times we are in have changed… and no longer is business being conducted how it was just five years ago. The digital world has changed and the economy fault-line  has shifted. I have positioned myself in this fault line to catch and help those who have ventured into this new and unknown territory.
This is why I am happy to work for this dynamic & new product line of downloadable soft-ware called “The Feeder Matrix.” My Team The Feeder Matrix Express. Is a conglomeration of individuals who are composed in a forced 4×4 matrix and who have joined… at an unbelievable cost of only $1.75.
People Helping People
Here there is not-one person or even several persons for that matter – making all the money at the top. This dashes the fallacy of Feeder Matrix being a “Pyramid Scheme.” Everyone that comes into Feeder Matrix start at the first level which is a measly $1.75 And after Upgrading to ALL 8 Levels, the total investment is $636.75.
So what happens after that you may ask? You market to attract and help others realize their potential of receiving online earned income… working in a team environment with all eyes laser- focused with the intention of gaining a whopping $100000 in less than one year. You want time and financial freedom to do the things you have always wanted to do?
Then… this beginner’s market “Feeder Matrix “is for you. Within a month, I have received almost $1500.00 in residual income. I do not have to use my retirement income for living expenses; therefore it will be tucked away continuing to grow for if and when I really may need it.
I urge anyone reading this blog… Be truthful with yourself; know who you are and what your needs, dreams and aspirations are for you and your family.
No longer is a 9 to 5 sufficient for a living wage or your mental well – being. Know there is a better way and now is the time in taking a step closer and see what Feeder Matrix is and what it can do for you— break free and start taking responsibility for your financial security. Click Here http://www.feedermatrix.com/?ref=clover
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Ja’Nala Mamdu

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