Do You Possess The Q.A.C. Formula?  

Summary  “They’ve Internalized To Memory… All Reasons Why They Can’t Perform Outside The Realm Of Mediocrity”
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There are two forms of characterization mind-sets; those that are interested and those who are committed. Those who are committed will find that by doing the least is not enough, nor is it satisfying.
Leaders will always, without a stagger in their step… give a little something extra, because they value not only themselves and how they are perceived, but it also gives them extreme pleasure knowing they have gone above and beyond the limits in satisfying their: customer, client, prospect, or referral, becoming an indelible image in the mind of the receiver.
Those possessing  the interested characteristic are impressed by first: “At first… I was interested and then another opportunity promised that, I can make this amount of money… or lose this much weight in two days.  This cream will make me look younger, or  this pill  will make me a better lover and the list goes on.
The one thing they will never know is…did any of the programs or promises work?    The component called habit is therefore lacking. There must be an adaptation to habit, in order for successfully completing anything. You simply cannot give up after a short time and expect to see positive results.
Things will not always stay on a steady incline; all things have highs, lows, ebbs and flows. You must put this reasoning in your mind-set, expect them and accept them; it does not mean a system or program does not work; you just have to give it a reasonable amount of time, while using all of your knowledgeable assets to make it happen.
“The No Matter What Attitude,” means that whatever adversity comes your way, you will not give up. A resourceful person seems to always figure out how to make it work.
My husband, two young children ages three and seven-years old ,and myself…moved to Washington State. It took us some time to find work and the Christmas holiday were approaching and we were practically flat broke. I was not going to have my babies go without a Christmas.
My Creative Imagination kicked in to over-drive. We had Christmas ornaments, but we could not afford a tree so, I got three clothes hangers, a spool of thread. I broke the hangars apart and bent them in the shape of an umbrella and bound them with the thread.
There was a planter hangar’s hook in the ceiling so, I formed a loop and hung the umbrella-shaped hangers, while standing on a step stool, where I fell and almost broke my neck, but not a problem.  I got back on the stool and meticulously strung the ornaments, with the spool of thread. Once, I had them hanging at different levels, I then took the white,  green, silver and red tinsel and  wrapped it  from top to  bottom, until the black wires could not be seen underneath.
I must say it was a work of genius and my babies had a festive and happy Christmas. The Pastor’s wife loved it so much she contracted me to do one, as a center piece for the Governor’s pre-Inauguration Party.
I incorporated The Q.A.C. formula (Quality, Attitude Equals Compensation) and we all have it within ourselves. The Only difference,  there are those who choose to exercise and expose it than keeping it hidden.
Ja’Nala Mamdu I am a Writer, Network-Marketer and Social Media Coach working toward my certification
Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate you.
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