This blog will present more of a personal slant than usual; so the readers can get to know, a little bit about my daily activities, working a Home-Base Online Marketing venture. How it has gone from not knowing much about Network Marketing to becoming intrinsically involved and falling in love with my new career.
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It is a cold and windy Tuesday, here In Aurora, CO., April 29, 2014. I like writing at my desk, but it is just too cold sitting next to the window, so I gathered up my books, computer, mouse pad and hopped into my bed pulling the comforter up over my socked feet and then up to my waist for, a comfortable seat for the computer. Ah yes, this is much better.
DIA Airport, Denver Co.
Now my fingers can unfold and UN-wither from the cold. I am the age; I do not like being cold and can only imagine if I were younger, I would not be this cold. Well now that, I am comfortable and warm, I will get back to writing about what this blog story was originally going to be about.


When I worked in corporate America I would have told you selling was not my cup of tea and I would have run in the opposite direction If ever approach about it and yet, I knew that the home business I was preparing myself to own, would have the selling component, as part of it, but of course, I was going to hire someone else to do that piece.


I only wanted to use my creative vision to manufacture and design luscious creams, lotions and dress them in pretty packaging, even a blind man could see for my Natural Bath and Body products. You know… it was, a blind man that came to my stand at the DNC (Democratic National Convention), while it was being held here in CO.,  for our now President, then Senator Barack Obama. The gentleman asked, “How much is your soap; it smells magnificent?” I told him… and he bought three bars. I will always remember Mr. Clark and the experience.


Now, I am working, as an online marketer and thoroughly enjoying the intricacies of sale’s dialogue,   learning something new every day from my team members.  My power point creations, correlating with my text, lending to a double impact of sorts; what you may not get from the text you receive loud and clear from the graphics. The verbiage O.Ms use in their scripts, some are quite engaging and some suck air…Pardon me, but they do. I may even have a few of those characteristics in my amateur briefs…remember, I am new to all of this.


I have been assigned as one of the admins.,  of our “Feeder Matrix Express Team,”  which gives me the tickles, for I like putting my sometimes quirky personality into my task for all to see, in hopes it brings a smile to their faces  and slough off the seriousness that can sometime bog us down. I have even taken to making videos… No not the games “Me” in front of the camera, talking. I even have my own You Tube Video Channel.  I tell you… I shock myself – sometimes, but it just goes to show you; that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.


Being a Feeder Leader means, I am on Level 8 having paid for each level and now I am vested. I not only have reached the highest level.  I have already made back my full investment of   $636.75 plus double the profit, and I never have to pay another red cent. Now I market, network, blog, make videos, and help my down-line recruit.  Our Motto is “WE HELP YOU RECRUIT.”  (ONLY),   if I recognize them,  as a Worker Bee,  who understands  it takes vision, motivation and a laser focus to becoming successful “NO MATTER WHAT.”
Honey Bee
Therefore, people depend on me to help them with marketing, networking and locating group file resources: such as how and where to post, what tools will be beneficial  for moving their business forward… to answering questions, and guide them, so they can maneuver through the back office, setting up their profile and payment settings; as well as where to find payments made, how to confirm them and which payment funnels are the correct ones to use.
 We as a ‘TEAM’ all congratulate our newest  to the oldest members, as they climb to higher levels on the Matrix. Once they REACH The ‘BIG 8’, We throw a Virtual Celebration and Party, as if  live and in living color, with food trays, champagne, celebratory comments, music from You Tube and just a real good time…To say the least, I am an Online – Internet Marketer and loving it.
Ja’Nala Mamdu, Resides In Aurora, CO. She has been a Writer/ of short stories since 2009 and a  blogger since 2011. Network Marketer and working towards receiving her Social Media Coaching Certification.You can read her short stories at http://www.shanuwater.me
Thank you for reading my blog, I sincerely appreciate you.
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